Friday, April 29, 2011

FemPrison- An Introduction

       Here's the first in what I plan to make a regular feature on the blog, FemPrison Inc.  Rehabilitating the men of the world to make better feminized girls.  Watch yourself out there all you naughty men, or you just may find yourself facing a lifetime FemPrisonment sentence with zero chance of parole. 
      Once again big thanks to Alectra as always for your lovely comments, you really are too kind dear big hugs and kisses in your direction!!


  1. Interesting idea. One thing I have noticed. Some people attempt to get over a bad habit by means of hypnotic suggestion. Whenever they feel the need to perform their old activity they decide to perform a new activity in its place. (A smoker may decide to drink a glass of water anytime the craving for a cigarette hits). Why not take it to the next level. (A thief may decide to suck cock any time she feels the need to steal).

    Glad I have never done ANYTHING wrong to warrant incarceration. HA HA HA

  2. Yay a prison to stop criminals doing their bad doings, to do their bad doings (in a naughty way), hope to see people trying to break prison in their female persona ^.^
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: I'm more kind than you can think Candi, hope to see your cap to me, i have found some pics quite interesting for yours ^o^, you are in for a long series and not telling more "giggle", once again i hope you don't find to overwhelming my preferences that i sent to you

  3. I won't try to escape mistress, especiaslly asfter the bimboficstion.I wa a high power business executive on the outside but now I'm like totally, totally a big breasted blond and the uniforms like kinda cute.>)