Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tyler's Journey Through The Mirror

This one was inspired by an old Mickey Mouse cartoon I remember watching as a kid where Mickey traveled through his mirror into another world.  Although I must admit the cartoon would have been much more interesting had Mickey perhaps turned into Minnie on the other side... : )

Friday, April 29, 2011

Brothers European Vacation

One more caption for the day, I saw the image and knew I just had to use it.  Big thanks to Geofery, sp2000, and Alectra as always for your comments.  Big hugs and kisses to you all. 

What inspired you to start making captions? ^.^

I first discovered TG captions about 8 years ago in middle school, and was immediately hooked on them from then after. The first TG caption website I can recall was Oturus's TG Transformation Page, which got me addicted to captions. Reading as many as I could find on Oturus's and others websites inspired me to start writing my own captions so I could create, express, and explore my own fantasies and TG dreams.

Ask me anything

A Strange Afternoon For Officer Murphy

Inspired by Alectra's wonderful long captioned series I decided to try my hand at at a long caption series myself.  Spurred on by these amazing pictures it sort of grew as I wrote it and became longer than I originally planned but I'm fairly pleased with the results and hope you all like it.

FemPrison- An Introduction

       Here's the first in what I plan to make a regular feature on the blog, FemPrison Inc.  Rehabilitating the men of the world to make better feminized girls.  Watch yourself out there all you naughty men, or you just may find yourself facing a lifetime FemPrisonment sentence with zero chance of parole. 
      Once again big thanks to Alectra as always for your lovely comments, you really are too kind dear big hugs and kisses in your direction!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The White Room

I've been in a very productive caption making mode today, so here's yet another one for today.  There's something about wearing a catsuit that gets the creative caption making juices flowing, or at least something flowing...

The Doll Awakens

Finally a caption of one of my favorite fetishes, the Rubberdoll.  I love Rubberdolls, rubbery and covered in latex yet completely enclosed in a feminine outer shell creating an entirely new doll persona.  I love dressing up as a rubberdoll and fantasizing that i'm some plaything for my master, so hopefully that should give me some good inspiration for caption.

Stubborn Person

Another clothing TF, another in one of my favorite categories of men being punished by getting transformed into feminine items for their use and pleasure.  I do love a woman who isn't afraid to punish puny men.

Wrong Weekend

  Another TG caption, loved the image in this one and just had to make it into a caption.  Also big hugs and kisses to Alectra for all of your lovely comments on my blog posts, thank you so much dear they are very much appreciated.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Wish

Here's another favorite fantasy of mine, getting transformed into a female lovedoll, helpless to do anything but get fucked by your master/owners or whoever fancies using your doll ass.  Mhmm... lovely

Staying With Mr. Chen

Another TG caption, one from my favorite sub genre, the cute Asian girl transformation!  Enjoy!  Also big thanks to sp2000 and Yvonne for your lovely comments, they are greatly appreciated dears!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Now A Pair Forever

Here`s an inanimate transformation one, one of my favorite types yet one you don`t see enough captions of.  My goal is to help remedy this, with hopefully some amount of success.  Regardless hope you all enjoy!

Overconfident Rookie

My first caption posted!!  Woo!!  One down, a million more to go.

Candi Came`s Caption Corner Opens!!

Hi everyone, i`m Candi Came!  I have been a longtime lover of all manner of fetish captions, m/f, inanimate, doll transformations, and much more.  There isn`t much my kinky mind dosn`t enjoy, and having lurked around many a caption blog and site for far too long it`s time to try putting up some of my own captions.  Hope you all like them, i`ll be posting all manner of captions so stay tuned!